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    "NEW" Beltuna Folklore Accordions


    A brand new professional line of Beltuna Accordions is now available.
    The Folklore line is not currently available on Beltuna's web site.
    Pictured is the new Beltuna Folklore Cherry Piano Accordion.
    Available in 34/72, 37/96/41/120 Basses. Other models coming are 30/48 and 30/72.
    This new 2014 line specializes in Exotic Woods - Rosewood, Black Ebony, Green Ebony, Tineo,
    Elm Root, Ash, Yew, Ziricote, Red Olive, Radica (Root of the Walnut Tree),
    Matt Walnut Root, Matt Olive Padauk, Shaded Blue and Natural.

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    AKG, Excelsior, Gem, Ketron, MusicTech, Orla, Polverini, Roland TRX Radio MIDI and Sem Ciao
    We install MIDI systems and pick-ups.

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