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  • Ambrogio Sparagna
    Kriss 4
    Andy Cutting
    Marc Berthoumieux
    Magica 3 96 Bass
    Marc Bethoumieux
    Kriss 4
    Marc Perrone
    Handry 18
    Ricardo Tesi
    Handry 18
    Sharon Shannon

    Castiglione Gold
    Chromatic Button Box Castiglione Accordion
    Castiglione Euro Accordion
    Castiglione Professional Gold
    Castiglione Button
    Chromatic & Diatonic
    Castiglione Euro Models
    Piano & Button
    Castiglione Euro Accordion
    Castiglione Folklore Wood Maple Accordion
    Castiglione Concertinas
    Castiglione Polka King
    Castiglione Folklore
    Castiglione Concertinas

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    Sound Modules, Rhythm Arrangers, Backing Units and Wireless Systems
    Wireless, Reedless MIDI Accordions

    Ketron SD40
    Orla XM300, XM900, XM500, XM20
    Digitale Dual Link Box piano
    Excelsior MIDI Vox
    Ketron Modules
    Orla XM Modules
    MusicTech All Products
    Roland BK7-m

      accordion repairs and Accessories

      Accordion Accessories and Repairs For All Kinds Of Accordions - Acoustic, Electric, Electronic, and MIDI: Shoulder Straps, Bass Straps, Bellow Straps, Back Straps, Back Pads, Reeds Tuned to Pitch, Leather Reeds, Bellows, Accordion Pick-Ups and Installations, Sennheiser Professional Microphones, Stereo & Mono Cables, Accordion Resting Stands, Accordion Stands, Sound Module Stands, Accordion Cases - New and Used, Professional Accordion Bags, Amplifiers for Acoustic and Electronic Accordions, Audio Microphones, Musictech Radio MIDI, MT55 Chromatic Master Keyboard. Complete and Partial Overhauls: Musette and Slovenian Tuning, Keyboard Overhauls and Adjustments. Additional Accessories: Plexi-Glass Keyboard Job, Chroming Old Original Pieces, Reed Sets, Polishing Compound Bar, Wax Cake, Grill Cloth, Bellow Corners, Gasket Material, Shoulder Strap Holders, Polish for Accordions and Valve Skin for Accordions. We also can customize on request any kind of accordion.

      Roland Amps
      KC-60, 150, 350 550
      MusicTech Amps
      MT-24, MT-20, MT-120
      Centaur Amps
      A260V, A440, A442V, A1206V,
      A1225LV, A1506V, A1525V
      Resting Stands

      Professional Accordionist Tom Brown performs for the Detroit Metropolitan area.

      Accordion Lessons Online accordion lessons by Gary Dahl.

      Sound Samples of Accordions Accordion sounds sold by Castiglione Accordions.

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