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      As a Roland dealer for the past 24 years, we have built up a wonderful relationship with Roland - selling their very first Roland V Accordion. Right from the start, Castiglione Accordion helped introduced their new Roland V accordion. The introduction of the newest Roland - FR 8X now combines the new technology and fuses it into acting more like a traditional accordion plus acting like an electronic instrument as well. Come in and try out the new V-Accordions.

      Roland FR-8X V-Accordion appeared on NBC's The Voice on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 (played by Musical Director and Roland friend Paul Mirkovich). Enjoy this special performance and watch for our shiny red FR-8X. Click on Roland performance

      Castiglione is a Roland specialist. Call 1-586-755-6050 for information and best prices anywhere. The new FR 8's are bundled with a hardshell case or the pro carrying bag as offered by us. We have detailed all of the new features and demos and users of them. On our home page click on either the FR 8X brochure or the FR 8Xb (button) brochure or check out our Roland Main Page and click on (FR 8X picture). You can also look on "You Tube" to see the complete line of Roland V-Accordions. Roland has also just released the "New" "Limited" FR-8X-Dallape Accordion.

      MAS members. Roland factory representative and performer, Steve Albini, is visiting us to demo the brand new Roland 4X accordion as well as do a workshop. TWO different events are scheduled...one is a workshop at Joe Recchia's home and the other a demo and performance at our regular monthly music get together at Crispelli's Bakery. In addition if you would like a one-on-one chance to try the accordion out that is also available thanks to Castiglione Accordions who has worked with MAS to bring Steve and the new accordion to Michigan and is co-sponsoring the events with MAS. The attached flyer tells all about it.

      I have known Steve for years as he was involved in the San Francisco area accordion scene when I lived there. Last time I visited California he and I shared his Roland 8x so we could both perform at the San Francisco Accordion Club. He is one heck of a fine performer and you will enjoy his playing and singing. Be one of the first to see and hear this exciting new accordion.

      Make sure you keep your membership current to get discounts on various events and stay on our Newsletter and Email flash programs.

      Bob Berta, VP and news letter editor Michigan Accordion Society


      The FR-8X Dallape is no longer available but the FR-8X is available.


      Chuch Henry, professional full time player, playing new FR-4X at the Crispelli's restaurant. At the Michigan Accordion Society's meeting and seeing him play. By John Castiglione of the CASTIGLIONE ACCORDION CO-DISTRIBUTOR OF ROLAND PRODUCTS. ALSO, STEVE ALBINI - ROLAND CORP REPRESENTATIVE WHO WAS NOT ONLY OBSERVING BUT ALSO SHOWING THE BENEFITS OF PLAYING IT.

      FR-8x Dallape. This inspiring flagship instrument was available in a new limited edition. The FR-8x Dallape model that combines the complete FR-8x feature set with additional historic sounds and many luxury enhancements. The Dallape Sound Library for V-Accordion is built in, putting an array of legendary accordions at your fingertips. This exclusive model also offers striking, sophisticated looks with a gloss black finish, a special metal grille with the Dallape logo, beautifully decorated bellows, and elegant leather/Alcantara accessories. Production of the FR-8x Dallape was limited to 500 instruments, with each bearing a unique numbered plaque.

      Nevertheless, we have Dallape sound library flash drives in stock for regular FR-8X Accordions.

      We occasionally have the Roland FR 7Xs in stock - call us! Sincerely, John Castiglione.

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